In an effort to stay up-to-date with the technologies available, I'm contantly building projects based on online tutorials or just based on ideas of my own. This is a collection of those projects. Feel free to collaborate and contribute on GitHub. Some of this projects are still in progress.

~HTML module exporter

I built this tool to help email developers export their moduels as individual HTML files. It uses JSzip a library that saves and exports files as zip packages. See it on GitHub

~GitHub Profile Match

This tool will find other developers with the same interest. This project is currently inder development and hosted on GitHub. It is using Angular2 and the GitHub API. See it on GitHub

~Spotify Player

This is an audio player that uses the Spotify API to pull a live search feed of songs. It is using the native HTML5 video player and angular2. See it on GitHub

~Materialize Jekyll Theme

This is a theme for the Jekyll static content management system using the Materialize framework. I used SASS for development and gulp for task running See it on GitHub